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Continue your Journey

Connect with community and join one of our facilitated online groups.

1:1 preparation and integration coaching for your Journey.

How our groups work:

Part 1


  • Complete a Self-Evaluation and make Membership Agreements.
  • Follow simple suggestions to get ready or book an additional coaching session.
  • If you want, join an intention setting group circle to open the Journey with others.

Part 2

Musical Journey

  • Let go and listen to music carefully crafted to guide introspection and self-healing. 
  • Group facilitators are available to talk or chat throughout the session.
  • Journeys can last from 2-6 hours.

Part 3


  • Follow simple prompts to apply learnings to your daily life.
  • Next day and midweek sharing circles to learn in community.    
  • Additional 1:1 coaching is available for extra support  

What people are saying

The rest is up to you

We recognize that Members are individually guided by their own inner intelligence, and Journey Space is cultivated to create an environment that nurtures each path, which is both unique and connected given the many ways to experience meaning and truth.


Journey Space offers a medium that allows for positively transformative experiences and facilitates a community for Members on their individual paths of growth and healing. 


Journey Space acknowledges that there are many paths to growth and healing, however we do not endorse, encourage, promote, or assist with any illegal activities involving controlled substances. While we promote an individual’s own work towards personal growth and healing, we do not provide mental health or medical services. If you need such services, please contact a mental health or medical provider.

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