Tools for Therapists and Guides

Music for Therapists and Guides

Feel confident about using music for your psychedelic healing sessions.


Press play and let our music guide your clients with a cohesive arc from start to finish.

Proven in thousands of Journeys

Unlike "playlists" or generative sounds our music is composed specifically for Journeys.

Our music utilizes universal and proven meditation, cognitive-behavioral, and gentle brain entrainment techniques mixed with modern sound healing practices. Long form compositions with a singular voice create a container for a safe and positive experience. Slow builds woven with field recordings assuage fears and ground the experience to give ample room for a psycho-spiritual exploration.

— all developed and tested with thousands of individuals across the world.

Get extra support to grow your practice

Our facilitators

are committed to fostering community learning and supporting deep transformational journeys.  

Facilitator vs

Our facilitators focus on creating a supported container for your journey.

They are not acting as mental health professionals and do not provide therapy or advice on medical conditions.



A therapist is a licensed mental health professional who will provide treatment for mental health challenges during and after a journey. If you would like help in connecting with a therapist who works with and understands non-ordinary states of consciousness, please email


Created by East Forest

Since 2008, East Forest, (Ram Dass, Music For Mushrooms, IN) has played live ceremonies and developed music specifically crafted to guide journeys.  His music is now widely used in health and wellness and the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Darut McGregor

Reconnecting with our ancestors and embracing the richness of our ritual practices is what drives Darut to build community and be in service. First, he is a husband, father of 3 young adults and grandfather. Then, he is an emcee, poet, songwriter, beat-maker, men’s work leader, ceremonial facilitator and helper, and a propagator of love.


Venus Paloma

With over 20 years of experience training and working alongside Midwives as a Doula and Shamanic teachers, Venus has learned the art of holding space, facilitating healing, ritual and ceremony; all informed by her clinical background. She supports a personal healing experience with dedication to your safety, comfort, privacy and expansion. She provides the opportunity for integration to process your experiences. Venus was lovingly taken under her Taino Indigenous elders who taught her ceremony, prayer and their history. She continues to study Amazonian Curanderismo (healing traditions).


Jani Moon

Jani Moon has been facilitating ceremonies and rituals of all kinds with a specialization in women’s work for over 15 yrs. The owner of Moon Media Coaching, she is a communication and connection coach and a kinesiology practitioner of the Reunion Method. She has a master’s degree in Curriculum and Development, is trained as an Alchemical Creation Priestess, and is a certified Ipsalu Kundalini Tantra teacher. She is a student of multiple ancient wisdom traditions and serves by holding space for individuals to do their own deep healing in community, trusting that we are all evolving together.


Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens has been working in plant medicine ceremonies, both as a journeyer and a facilitator, since 2008. He is deeply committed to supporting transitions and transformations in his community.

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