Journey with Confidence

Our trusted Musical Guidance and online facilitation help you craft a set and setting for deep inner work

Choose what you need​

Music Membership

Support your own practice with our Musical Guidance Membership.

Facilitated Groups

Join a facilitated group for extra support & connect with community.

Private Journeys

Receive individual coaching and support in a 1:1 or private group session.

The Importance of Music

Humans have used music for millennia as a tool for growth and healing, and science is just beginning quantify its power. 


Journey Space curates intentional sonic ceremonies that go beyond playlists, standard performances, or even scientifically generated sounds.  


Each ceremony has a cohesive soundscape and arc designed to support deep inner work.

Musical Guidance Membership

Trusted by professionals and proven in thousands of Journeys

Features different length musical containers to guide sessions with a  a cohesive arc from start to finish

Weekly Integration circles and practices are included

Coming together in groups to witness our collective humanity and support each others growth and healing is more important now than ever.  

How do Facilitated Journeys work?

Follow simple guidelines to create a secure and sacred container.

Part 1


Complete a Self-Evaluation and make Membership Agreements. 



Follow simple suggestions to get ready.



Join an intention setting group circle to open the Journey.

Part 2

Musical Journey

A carefully crafted arc to guide introspection and self-healing. 



They can may be as short as 1 hour or can unfold over 4+ hours.



Your Facilitators are available to talk or chat throughout.

Part 3


Join a post Journey sharing to learn from and support fellow journeyers.    


Ongoing circles support practices to foster change in your daily life.


Add-on additional 1:1 coaching is available for those that need extra support  

Join an Online Journey

Connect with community and join one of our facilitated online groups.

Private virtual healing sessions for individuals and groups with additional coaching support.

Our facilitators

are committed to fostering community learning and supporting deep transformational journeys.  

Jani Moon

Darut McGregor

Venus Paloma

Facilitator vs

Our facilitators focus on creating a supported container for your journey.

They are not acting as mental health professionals and do not provide therapy or advice on medical conditions.



A therapist is a licensed mental health professional who will provide treatment for mental health challenges during and after a journey. If you would like help in connecting with a therapist who works with and understands non-ordinary states of consciousness, please email


Begin your Journey Here

Access Musical guidance, tools for preparation, and integration practices & circles.

Connect with community and join one of our facilitated online groups.

Private virtual healing sessions for individuals and groups with additional coaching support.

The rest is up to you

We recognize that Members are individually guided by their own inner intelligence, and Journey Space is cultivated to create an environment that nurtures each path, which is both unique and connected given the many ways to experience meaning and truth.


Journey Space offers a medium that allows for positively transformative experiences and facilitates a community for Members on their individual paths of growth and healing. 


Journey Space acknowledges that there are many paths to growth and healing, however we do not endorse, encourage, promote, or assist with any illegal activities involving controlled substances. While we promote an individual’s own work towards personal growth and healing, we do not provide mental health or medical services. If you need such services, please contact a mental health or medical provider.