Our facilitators

are committed to fostering community learning and supporting deep transformational journeys.  

Facilitator vs

Our facilitators focus on creating a supported container for your journey.

They are not acting as mental health professionals and do not provide therapy or advice on medical conditions.



A therapist is a licensed mental health professional who will provide treatment for mental health challenges during and after a journey. If you would like help in connecting with a therapist who works with and understands non-ordinary states of consciousness, please email team@journeyspace.com


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Venus Paloma

We support professionals

Journey Space can

Work with us

Our facilitators are the foundation of our ability to grow healthy communities.


We all have an innate power within to move towards health. Our trained facilitators create a supportive and safe setting for journeys to connect to this Inner Healing Wisdom.


If you have been working in this capacity and are called to expand your work, please reach out and we will share details about our facilitator requirements and training process.

The rest is up to you

We recognize that Members are individually guided by their own inner intelligence, and Journey Space is cultivated to create an environment that nurtures each path, which is both unique and connected given the many ways to experience meaning and truth.


Journey Space offers a medium that allows for positively transformative experiences and facilitates a community for Members on their individual paths of growth and healing. 


Journey Space acknowledges that there are many paths to growth and healing, however we do not endorse, encourage, promote, or assist with any illegal activities involving controlled substances. While we promote an individual’s own work towards personal growth and healing, we do not provide mental health or medical services. If you need such services, please contact a mental health or medical provider.