Journey Space Agreements

Journey Space Membership

Journey Space is a Community of Members who meet the Journey Space Health Criteria and agree to the Journey Space Guidelines. 


Applicants are granted Membership once they have met all Journey Space Health Criteria and agreed to Journey Space Guidelines. If you are unable to become a Member, Journey Space can point you to other resources that may offer the type of experience or support that you seek and/or you can ask to be put on a mailing list to be informed of changes in the Journey Space Health Criteria and Guidelines. 


Journeys are not for everyone as they can be challenging or may have a destabilizing effect on one’s life. Due to the virtual container where Journeys take place, Journey Space requires that Members meet the Journey Space Health Criteria that set out certain physical and mental health factors that most lend themselves to the well-being of Members and the Journey Space Community during Journeys. In addition, Journey Space has carefully cultivated Guidelines that must be adhered to in order to participate. For these reasons, it is the responsibility of prospective Members to determine if their health is in a place where they meet the Journey Space Health Criteria and that they can agree to follow Journey Space Guidelines.   


Information shared with Journey space is confidential and will not be shared outside of Journey Space. You can learn more about this in the Journey Space Privacy Policy.


Journey Space Guidelines and Health Criteria

To support the well-being of its Members, Journey Space maintains Guidelines that must be reviewed before each Journey and, because they may be amended from time to time, you will receive an update on and, in order to continue to participate, will be required to agree to how the Guidelines have evolved. There may be unique Guidelines for each Journey as requirements and expectations can differ, depending on the specific experience intended for a Journey. 


The Journey Space Health Criteria are mental and physical health factors that must be met in order for Journey Space to be able to support Members’ well-being during a Journey.


Unfortunately, Journey Space and its facilitators have limitations with respect to being able to support individuals with certain mental and physical health conditions. Because Journeys and Integration are virtual, and facilitators are not acting as medical professionals nor on-site to ensure safety of Members, the Journey Space membership is not open to individuals who cannot meet the Health Criteria, as explained below. 


I understand that certain journeys may have additional Health Criteria that may preclude my participation depending on my physical and mental health conditions.  This may include physical, mental, or emotional conditions that Journey Space has determined cannot support the well-being of the Journey Space Community. 


Agreement to share information and understanding of eligibility

I understand that any information shared with Journey Space will remain strictly confidential, to be viewed solely by authorized Journey Space representatives.


I further understand that Journey Space seeks to serve the broadest possible audience, and  that Journey Space has the mission to provide inclusive access. Although Journey Space is a private Community, it is Journey Space’s intention to support diversity and prohibit any exclusion, harassment, bullying and discriminatory actions based on a person’s sex, gender (including gender identity or expression), sexual orientation, race, color, religion, creed, marital status, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, medical condition, age, disability, genetic information, veteran or military status, or any characteristic as protected by many federal, state or local laws, except when such a characteristic implicates the Guidelines or Health Criteria. 


I understand that I must ensure that I meet all Journey Space Health Criteria and follow all Guidelines agree to the above and to follow all Journey Space Guidelines to become a Member. If I am unable to follow these Guidelines or meet Health Criteria, I agree not to hold Journey Space responsible or liable for exclusion from Journey Space Membership. I further understand that Journey Space Health Criteria and Guidelines are for my well-being and the Community as a whole.


Journey Space Health Criteria

Journey Space can only offer Membership to those who meet the Journey Space Health Criteria by being able to agree to the below statements:


  1. I am not in very vulnerable emotional or psychological state
  2. I do not have a personal or family history of schizophrenia, psychosis,  or bi-polar disorder
  3. I am not currently taking any form of psychiatric medication
  4. I am not dealing with substance abuse issues
  5. I am not dealing with suicidality or have suicidal ideation
  6. I do not have any form of heart condition or abnormal blood pressure 
  7. If I have asthma, allergies, or other medical conditions I am aware of how to safely manage and I will have any needed medication on hand during Journeys


Journey Space Guidelines

As a Member of Journey Space, I agree to the following Commitments and Community Agreements of the Journey Space Guidelines.


Commitment to responsibility for one’s own mental and physical health

I hereby certify that I am physically and emotionally able to participate in Journey Space, and I have no medical, physical, or psychological conditions that would endanger me or others in my participation in the Journey. 


I understand that the Journey in which I choose to participate may be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually demanding. I understand that I may experience dizziness, nausea, or other physical upsets. I accept all responsibility for anything that may occur including emotional disturbance, disorientation, and any and all possible manifestations of physical, emotional, and mental effects and changes. I acknowledge that there may be risks alongside potential benefits in my participation in a Journey. I freely choose to participate in Journeys and I accept complete responsibility for whatever may occur, whether anticipated or unanticipated.


Journeys may include intense experiences and emotions which could contain inherent risks such as disorientation or feeling unbalanced which could possibly lead to physical injury or mental distress. I acknowledge that Journey Space takes extraordinary care to maintain Journey Space as a  supportive environment. I hereby agree to take all necessary steps to ensure my personal environment is safe, and that all those around me are safe, while participating in Journeys. I understand the possible risk of injury of participating in Journey Space without taking proper precautions. 


Commitment to follow Journey Space instructions 

​I agree to respect and conform to any directions given by an authorized person of Journey Space related to the Journeys. This may include, but is not limited to:


  • Being asked to honestly share updated information relating to Health Criteria or ability to comply with Journey Space Guidelines
  • Being asked not to participate in a Journey Space activity
  • Being asked to follow Journey Space Guidelines
  • Being asked to leave Community Space 
  • Being asked to drink water or other personal care requests; or
  • Being asked to call one’s emergency contact or emergency services.


Directions will  be determined in the sole discretion of Journey Space for my well-being and the well-being of others. 


I understand that there may be extraordinary circumstances where I require medical attention while participating in a Journey, and I authorize Journey Space to request emergency medical services on my behalf or there is a non-emergency situation but reasonably significant concerns about my well-being, I authorize Journey Space to contact my emergency contact, int the sole discretion of Journey Space. However, I acknowledge and agree that Journey Space shall have no duty, obligation, nor liability arising out of any efforts to contact, or the omission of efforts to contact, emergency medical services or my emergency contact.


Commitment to prepare for my Journeys and plan for Integration

I agree to prepare myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for Journeys.


I agree to ensure my environment is conducive to a successful Journey and that I have enough time and a place to process and Integrate my Journey. This includes making arrangements with work, child care, travel, and any additional considerations. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to make these arrangements


I agree to participate in Journeys after having prepared and followed Guidelines, and to plan in advance to make time and space in my life for integration after the Ceremony portion of the Journey.  


I agree to trust the process and to be gentle with myself and non judgmental throughout the Journey. 


Commitment to self care and Integration

I understand I may be physically or mentally exhausted and/or disoriented after a Journey with Journey Space, and that I must arrange to have time to process and integrate. I agree to ensure I have proper rest post-Journey before returning to my commitments. 


I understand that the experience of a Journey can be overwhelming and difficult to immediately understand. It could have a destabilizing effect or call into question strongly held beliefs. I understand that additional personal work (rest, meditation, group integration sessions, talk therapy, integration counseling, or similar) may be needed to appropriately integrate this experience into my daily life. 


I agree to make no major life decisions for the period of 72 hours after the conclusion of the Journey and to give myself the time and attention necessary to integrate.  


Commitment to understanding experience of a Journey

During the Journey, I acknowledge that I may be undergoing an intense and possibly scary and confusing experience. I understand that I may encounter visions or feelings that are hard to explain. I acknowledge and understand that this experience may have intended or unintentional effects on my consciousness that may result in non-ordinary and/or spiritual effects. 


I understand and acknowledge that Journey Space makes no claims regarding the curing of any illness or condition or about the nature of any spiritual experience. I understand that a Journey is not a substitute for medical treatment. I understand that the experience during a Journey is personal and that what may occur for one person may not necessarily lead to the same experience for others.


Commitment to respect others and uphold the Guidelines of the Community

I understand that Journey Space has a policy of zero tolerance for sexual, emotional, physical harassment or violence, as well as racism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination. I agree that I will abide by this policy and, if I see any violations of this policy, I will report it to Journey Space.


Commitment to maintain confidentiality of all Members and Facilitators

I understand and agree with the confidential nature of the potentially tonic, transformative, and/or spiritual aspects of Journey Space and the expectation of privacy for individuals both organizing and attending. Without compromising any legal obligations, I hereby agree to refrain from discussing any details of Journey Space, including who participated and anything that may have been expressed or shared by other Members.  


I will not repeat the names of any of the Members outside of Journey Space and I will not take any photographs, screen shots, recordings of anything related to Journey Space or any Members.


Community Agreements

As a Member of Journey Space I agree to these Community Agreements when in Community Space:

  • I will strive to be on time and respect others’ time
  • I respect that everyone is their own expert and has their own truth
  • I will listen fully to others and will not offer unsolicited advice
  • I will not criticize others
  • I will share my own experiences, and do not turn my truths into advice or an opportunity to teach or influence others
  • I will not violate the privacy of others that is expected in the sacred container of any aspect of a Journey, including but not limited to not taking photographs or screenshots of the screen
  • I will not use other forms of media or communication while in Journey Space
  • I will not record, share, or repeat anything that happens in Community Space


Commitment to upholding laws within the Journey Space Community

I understand that Journey Space strictly prohibits the sale or trade of illegal substances by Members through Journey Space or as part of any Journey Space offerings.

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