Everyone is guided by their own inner intelligence, and that journeyers may create their own experiences based on their own belief systems and practices.



Journey Space is not affiliated with any one religion or tradition and does not have a spiritual leader nor dogma. 


We offer guidelines to support members who decide to initiate their individual journeys of growth and healing.  We do not offer therapy and instead support with compassion, respect, and integrity.


We hold an inclusive space, open to all. We offer the opportunity to be in community with others who are on a path of learning and self-discovery.  In addition to musically guided ceremonies we offer preparation guidance, video group support circles, integration tools, coaching and ongoing community connection.


After working together for 15 years we founded Journey Space to create an accessible space to grow in community.  We aim to keep prices low while fairly compensating artists and facilitators.  

10% of proceeds go to support scholarships and other forms of access.

East Forest

Marisa Radha Weppner

Lewis Kofsky

Our facilitators

Have years of experience supporting Journeys and are committed to fostering personal growth and community learning.  

Facilitator vs

Our facilitators focus on creating a supported container for your journey.

They are not acting as mental health professionals and do not provide therapy or advice on medical conditions.



A therapist is a licensed mental health professional who will provide treatment for mental health challenges during and after a journey. If you would like help in connecting with a therapist who works with and understands non-ordinary states of consciousness, please email team@journeyspace.com


Coming together in groups to witness our collective humanity and assist transformational journeys is
more important now than ever.


We offer various levels of access to the Musical Guidance Library as well as group and private facilitation and coaching.  Take a look at our Pricing Page

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Only you can know when and if a journey is right for you. You will answer a Self-Evaluation to help you gain clarity in making that decision for yourself.


If you have had or currently have:

  • emotional instability or mental illness
  • are on any psychotropic medications
  • have a history of or family history of schizophrenia
  • have high blood pressure or heart conditions


…then a journey may not be appropriate. 


Based on your experience with previous journey work, you may find that spacing out journeys will allow for ample time for integration and growth. Always allow time to adjust to potentially transformative effects of a journey. Only you can decide how often to engage in journey work.

Our facilitators give you real time support for your journey. Journeys may take many forms and, depending on your experiences and current emotional state, include a wide breadth of effects and feelings. When journeying into non-ordinary states of consciousness, it is also possible for a variety of intense physical sensations to arise. These are temporary and can prove rewarding after integration. It is helpful to be in a mindset where you can trust that what is coming up for you is not more than you can process, and that it is just what is needed at that time.

Note, outside of Journey Space 

We understand that life happens and you may not always be able to attend as anticipated. Integration and prep sessions are offered to support and enhance your growth and development but are not required to participate in the journey.

A journey begins the moment you decide to attend. Preparation is about building skills to help guide your journey and clearing away the noise both physically and mentally in order to open yourself up to receive the experience.


We provide a pre-journey check list and timeline to help give you a broad outlook on preparation for your Journey Space experience.

We are not medical providers and we are not trained to give medical advice. If you are taking medication or historically have had or currently have any mental illness or medical conditions, please consult your therapist and/or medical provider before participating in a journey.

If you have had or currently:

  • have emotional instability or mental illness
  • are on any psychotropic medications
  • have a history of or family history of schizophrenia
  • have high blood pressure or heart conditions


…then a journey may not be appropriate. 

Non-ordinary states of consciousness and journey work can be accessed through a variety of gateways including breath, movement, concentration and sound. While some people may make the decision to use substances in connection with a journey as they are widely available through medicalization, religious exercise, and decriminalization, Journey Space does not encourage nor endorse any activities that are illegal in your location and will not give any advice on such usage. 


Additionally, before and after a journey, the sharing and integration circles are designed as sober spaces where people come to be present with each other.

We provide live, online journeys guided by real people designed to access non-ordinary states of consciousness through sound and music to enhance your personal experience of a journey.


Journey Space does not provide substances or recommendations on substances or dosing and does not permit those participating in a journey to share, distribute, or otherwise encourage others to use substances.

Membership and participation can be fully anonymous if chosen and if permitted during a specific journey (some journeys will require all participants to be visible and present in the community space). 


All membership information is always treated as confidential and will not be shared.

The founders of Journey Space have traditional yet alternative and diverse backgrounds. We began working together as a community in 2008 to build our own protocol and process to safely and positively guide journeys. See bios above for more information.

Create a private, quiet, comfortable space where you are not concerned with disturbing or being disturbed by others throughout the journey. Give yourself time and space to process what you experienced until the integration session the following day. You will also need to have access to a device, such as a computer or smartphone, stable internet connection, and the free version of Zoom.

First become a Member of Journey Space and complete the Self-Evalutation. You will then receive instructions on how to join a journey.

Journey Space is open to all Members. If your friends want to join please ask them to become Members.  

If it is your first journey, you may decide to have someone support you so you can feel safe to go deep into the experience. The essence of Journey Space is that, with live online facilitated support in a group, you’re not alone. However our facilitators are not able, responsible, nor trained to ensure your safety. Having someone who knows you are journeying in your immediate environment could be beneficial to you.

Journeys vary from one to another, however each journey follows the same 3 part structure 

    1. Preparation and intention Circle.  After individuals prepare, group journeys often begin with a brief group introduction and sharing circle.  Note that intention and sharing circles are sober spaces.  
    2. The Ceremony. This part of the journey lasts from 1 to 5 hours depending on the format.  In group journeys facilitators are available to speak individually during the journey.  
    3. Integration Circle. The following morning after the ceremony there is a facilitated session for sharing and processing the journey. 

Currently our facilitated journeys range from 1 to 5 hours, based on the focus of the journey.

Yes, journeys may take many forms and we are excited to bring a broad range of offerings including special interest groups, for you to choose the best fit for you.

Our facilitators are all experienced in supporting deep transformational work. They are not required to be licensed therapists. All of them are skilled in holding space and have personal and professional experience with deep inner work. They are not acting as medical professionals and they neither can nor will give medical advice. 

You can learn more about our facilitators here.

No. We are an inclusive and accessible platform that you can leave at any time with no central dogma or religious practice. We honor a global diaspora of ceremony practices and we believe that each individual holds their own inner guidance and truth. Journey Space is open to all backgrounds and belief systems.

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Darut McGregor

Reconnecting with our ancestors and embracing the richness of our ritual practices is what drives Darut to build community and be in service. First, he is a husband, father of 3 young adults and grandfather. Then, he is an emcee, poet, songwriter, beat-maker, men’s work leader, ceremonial facilitator and helper, and a propagator of love.


Venus Paloma

With over 20 years of experience training and working alongside Midwives as a Doula and Shamanic teachers, Venus has learned the art of holding space, facilitating healing, ritual and ceremony; all informed by her clinical background. She supports a personal healing experience with dedication to your safety, comfort, privacy and expansion. She provides the opportunity for integration to process your experiences. Venus was lovingly taken under her Taino Indigenous elders who taught her ceremony, prayer and their history. She continues to study Amazonian Curanderismo (healing traditions).


Jani Moon

Jani Moon has been facilitating ceremonies and rituals of all kinds with a specialization in women’s work for over 15 yrs. The owner of Moon Media Coaching, she is a communication and connection coach and a kinesiology practitioner of the Reunion Method. She has a master’s degree in Curriculum and Development, is trained as an Alchemical Creation Priestess, and is a certified Ipsalu Kundalini Tantra teacher. She is a student of multiple ancient wisdom traditions and serves by holding space for individuals to do their own deep healing in community, trusting that we are all evolving together.


Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens has been working in plant medicine ceremonies, both as a journeyer and a facilitator, since 2008. He is deeply committed to supporting transitions and transformations in his community.

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