Music for psychedelic assisted growth

We help you craft a Set and Setting for deep inner work.

Trusted in thousands of Journeys from first timers to professionals leading clinical trials

Musical Guidance Library

Trusted by professionals and proven in thousands of Journeys, our musical containers go beyond playlists to guide sessions with a  cohesive arc from start to finish.
Membership includes preparation resources and integration practices and circles.

Created by East Forest

Since 2008, East Forest, (Ram Dass, Music For Mushrooms, IN) has played live ceremonies and developed music specifically crafted to guide journeys.  His music is now widely used in health and wellness and the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Group Journeys:
how do they work?

Part 1


  • Complete a Self-Evaluation and make Membership Agreements.
  • Follow simple suggestions to get ready or book an additional coaching session.
  • If you want, join an intention setting group circle to open the Journey with others.

Part 2

Musical Journey

  • Let go and listen to music carefully crafted to guide introspection and self-healing. 
  • Group facilitators are available to talk or chat throughout the session.
  • Journeys can last from 2-6 hours.

Part 3


  • Follow simple prompts to apply learnings to your daily life.
  • Join a sharing circle to learn from and support fellow journeyers.    
  • Additional 1:1 coaching is available for extra support  

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