Online musical ceremonies supported by live facilitators

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What is Journey Space?

Journey Space is an online membership platform which hosts transformative virtual journeys for growth and healing

Is this for me?

How does it work?

Part 1


Use a self-evaluation to join facilitated Journeys and get access integrative support. Journey Space has carefully developed guidelines to offer a secure and sacred virtual space where participants may experience the transformation of a Journey. 

Part 2


An intentional event featuring non-dogmatic, guided musical performances that are carefully crafted to support journeys of growth, connection and self-healing.  Ceremonies vary in style and length; they can may be as short as an hour or can unfold over the course of 6+ hours.


Part 3


Join integration circles and practices to help apply insights and experiences to your life.  For those who want extra help, you can work 1:1 with facilitators or invite them to work in tandem with existing therapy or similar modalities.

The Importance of Music

Humans have used music for millennia as a tool for growth and healing, and science is just beginning quantify its power. Journey Space curates intentional sonic journeys that go beyond playlists, standard performances, or even scientifically generated sounds.  Each ceremony has a cohesive soundscape and arc designed to support deep inner work.

What Journeyers are saying